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Keno is a game of chance. It is extremely popular throughout the world and is played in many countries. However, although it is very popular, the rules of this game are still quite obscure for most players. If unfamiliarity with the game is all that’s stopping you from playing it, our experts reveal all its secrets.

How to play Keno? What are the secrets of Keno? How do you get bonuses for playing Keno? Discover the information you need to finally understand everything about this exciting and cheap casino game.

Where to Play Keno?

If you want to play Keno online, you have two options:

Play online at a casino: Go to your online casino, and select a Keno game available online. Fill in your grid. Activate the instant draw.

Open an account on a site offering Keno: create an account and fill in your grid yourself or opt for the random fill option. Consult the results of the draw later in the day.

In both cases, the rules remain the same. You can play Keno at the best casinos in Canada.

Choosing Your Casino with Keno

As with any game, you need to be careful when choosing which casino to play Keno at. Here are some recommendations to ensure that you choose the best possible establishment:

  • Opt for a casino that offers a return rate of over 95%, this usually ensures that the establishment is reliable and makes its players win
  • To play keno online, choose a casino that offers several types of games on its platform. You don’t want to risk getting bored!
  • Find out more about the bonuses. These can be very interesting and allow you to win more at keno.
  • Choose a casino with a demo mode! This will allow you to practice for free and develop strategies before you bet real money.

Filling In Your Keno Grid

The principle is quite simple – online or in a retail store – you buy a Keno grid. And you fill it in by ticking off several numbers. So far so good? Let’s continue. If you play with a Canadian Games grid, you can mark up to 10 numbers. However, if you decide to play online, you can mark up to 20 numbers.

Ticking the numbers: on the Keno grid, you will have the choice to tick numbers between 1 and 70. For the Canadian version of the game, you will have to mark between 2 and 10 numbers per grid. For the online keno, it will be between 2 and 20.

Betting: Once you have ticked the numbers you wish to play for each grid, you will need to bet an amount between C$1 and C$10.

Replay the grid: Some online casinos offer a specific option, allowing you to replay the same grid for 7 days. By filling in your Keno grid, you will have the choice to activate your grid for the next draws.

Multiplier option: This multiplier option will allow you to multiply your winnings up to 10 times! To activate the multiplier option, simply double your bet.

Note that there is also a “flash” option on the FDJ site. This one makes your grid filled automatically and randomly.

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The Different Versions of Online Keno

Of course, online Keno, like all other casino games, has been developed in several different versions.

Super Keno

If the first ball drawn matches one of the numbers on the player’s grid, then the winnings are multiplied by 4.

Power Keno

Exactly the same as Super Keno, except that the winnings are multiplied by 4 on the twentieth ball that matches a number ticked by the player.

Video Keno

This is an online version of Keno that is somewhat similar to a slot machine in that the numbers often fall and in this version, Keno becomes an individual game.

Keno Roulette

This is a rather successful mix of Keno and Roulette. Indeed, this game is a real discovery, especially for those who are fond of more classic casino games.

Keno Combination

This is the step above Way Keno, in this version you can even combine your different groups of numbers to form sets.

Keno Live

Nothing changes from the classic rules, only the keno draw is done live by dealers, directly at the online casino.

Live Keno

Keno Live is not an invention from October 2020, but it is still quite recent. Indeed, online casinos realized that online Keno was a game that was becoming increasingly popular. So, in order to avoid players getting bored just looking at an automatic draw, they created live keno.

The rules of live Keno do not change at all from the classic online version. Only, to make these draw games more attractive, the draws are made live by dealers.

Keno Live is particularly different from the keno at the point of sale or even the FDJ’s lifetime-winning keno. Indeed, this version allows players a little more vitality. The suspense is at its peak as all results are displayed live by real people! Keno Live is available at our top casinos.

Keno Online: The Benefits of Playing It

Why should you play Keno online instead of buying your ticket at a retail outlet? Here is a list of the advantages of playing online:

  • You can play different types of keno games
  • Free versions of online Keno are available. This allows you to practice and learn more about the game before you bet real money.
  • By playing online, you can bet directly from your mobile phone.
  • By playing online Keno you can access fun live versions.

Keno Online Welcome Bonus

This is another major advantage to playing Keno online! Indeed, whether you decide to create an account or you choose to join an online casino, you will be able to benefit from a welcome bonus!

These bonuses are very common in the online gaming world and allow you to leave with a considerable advantage. The form of the bonus will usually depend on the establishment you decide to join.


Can I play Keno from my mobile?

Most casinos offer a complete mobile application to their players. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, it is very easy to download, for those with an Apple or Android device. Once downloaded, the customer has the option to bet on the games of their choice. Of course, Keno is available from the mobile app. It gives the means to prepare one’s grid and to know the result very quickly.

Do I have to validate my account?

When the customer finally has his or her player account, there is still one step to definitively validate the registration. In order to confirm all the information given beforehand, the player must send a photocopy of an identity document and a bank account number. This is a mandatory step for the continuation of your adventure.

Is it possible to limit my deposit?

Online casinos do their utmost to help their customers not to fall into addiction. Obviously, following your registration, the bookmaker allows players to set deposit limits, so as not to bet more than their means. This is why it is extremely important to know how to control yourself when playing Keno. When you start to lose control of the situation, it is also possible to temporarily suspend your account.

How to make transactions?

To deposit money, online casinos offer many solutions. After finalizing your registration, the bookmaker allows you to fund your account with the following means:

Concerning withdrawals, the operation is carried out by bank transfer with the account indicated during the registration.