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Why You Should Use Fanny Packs at Your Next Music Event

Many people enjoy attending music events, such as indoor concerts or outdoor music festivals, from time to time. While you may spend most of your time enjoying music with family and friends at these events, there will be instances when you need to use cash or credit cards to pay for items, such as beverages or concert t-shirts. You may also need access to your ID to pay for alcoholic drinks, and you may want to store your car keys in a safe location where they will not fall out and get lost. Fanny packs provide you with a great way to look stylish and to store all of the items you need in a safe location. Through the use of cute fanny packs, you will enjoy a number of great benefits.

Uses of Custom Mascot Costumes

Team or company custom mascot costumes are excellent for morale and help to get attention when it’s needed the most. Whether you intend to stir up publicity for a charity event, big game, promotion, or the awareness of your brand, a colorful, fun and friendly mascot will make a huge difference.

Look Into Printing Services for Your Next Project

Printing has evolved from movable type to digital printing machines. Today, print several thousand copies of any book in less than a week. Choose the colors and graphics along with the types of paper and lamination styles. At a typical print shop, the main services are printing, binding and copying. Learn more about the various printing services available to you.

Brendan De Montigny: The myth of the material

Astro Boy, Brendan De Montigny, mixed media on board Ottawa-based artist Brendan De Montigny tackles the question of our generation’s frenetic consumerism Objects like Star Wars toys, Lego blocks and Ghostbusters, Hulk Hogan and Astroboy figurines are like divinities in the past of many late-20s to 30-something North Americans. Ottawa-based visual artist Brendan De Montigny […]