Why Document Shredding Services Deliver The Safest And Most Secure Help

Tax returns, credit card statements, bank account statements, and more contain highly-sensitive information. Identity thieves absolutely would like nothing more than to get their hands and eyes on such material. Within a few hours, a skilled identity thief could use the information to pilfer funds and/or open new credit accounts. Anyone even remotely interesting in keeping this from occurring should invest in document shredding services. There really is no better option than investing in basic paper shredding work.

The Top Best Reasons to Start Using Self Storage

There are a number of reasons why using self storage may be advantageous. The following is a list of the top reasons that you may find using a self storage unit useful in your life.

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Precision Medical Equipment

Sheet metal fabrication is a process by which sheet metal is cut, bent, welded, and otherwise assembled to construct parts, machines, products, and structures according to precision engineering designs or customer specifications. Typically, fabrication is a complex process that requires the collaborative efforts of several professionals. In order to reduce costs and hasten production time, the staff necessary to weld, cut, join, form, and finish a production are typically housed in one facility known as a fabrication shop.

The Top Party Rentals to Consider for Your Upcoming Event

Are you planning a big upcoming event? If so, you have a lot on your plate already. But one of the things that you will definitely need to do is arrange party rentals. If you never rented anything other than a car before, you may feel daunted at this prospect, but fortunately, this trepidation is unnecessary.

Jaap Blonk: Sound and meaning

Preeminent Dutch sound poet brings the noise to Ottawa’s Saint Brigid Centre The human genetic code hardly brings music to mind, but Jaap Blonk is no average musician. Actually, it is up to you to decide if he is a musician at all. The 55 year old Duch composer of sound poetry is considered one […]

Bolshoi Ballet: Big ballet at its best

The Bolshoi’s Svetlana Zakharova in Don Quixote Photo: Damir Yusupov Bravura defines Russia’s fabled Bolshoi Around the world, the Bolshoi Ballet equals boffo box office. More than 10,000 will head to the National Arts Centre next week to watch the 336-year-old Moscow ballet company’s Don Quixote, originally created for them in 1869 by the illustrious […]

Circle Mirror Transformation: A class act

Lise Ann Johnson: “We’re all laughable, aren’t we?” The GCTC’s 2011-12 season culminates with an off-Broadway sensation When GCTC artistic director Lise Ann Johnson first encountered Annie Baker’s audacious prose, she asked to be sent the young American playwright’s entire catalogue. Johnson settled onCircle Mirror Transformation, which many consider to be Baker’s breakthrough play. Throughout […]