The Gossip A Joyful Noise

Gossip’s fifth album, A Joyful Noise, is flawlessly titled; the disco-pop extravaganza, one of the band’s strongest offerings to date, is also less linearly punk than its predecessors. The texts, fiercely rendered by ravishing headperson Beth Ditto, communicate a melancholy antithetical to the LP’s electro-funk undertone. Get a Job, an exuberant critique of a lifestyle […]

Garbage Not Your Kind of People

After having released increasingly disappointing albums since 1999′s Version 2.0, the last being 2005′s rubbish Bleed Like Me, Garbage thankfully went on hiatus. This self-imposed break coincided with troubles at their former label, so while the storm was raging, Shirley Manson, Butch Vig and company were nowhere to be seen. So perhaps not unexpectedly, Not […]

Beach House Bloom

Beach House were the revelation of 2010 when they newly signed to “the Motown of indie labels” Subpob, then released Teen Dream and started to sell out venues around the world. Now two years later Bloom drops, and – surprise! – Beach House’s sound has not changed an iota since their breakthrough. It really feels […]

Keane Strangeland

What’s bizarrely soothing here on Keane’s fourth LP, Strangeland, is that they seem to have gone full circle. If they sounded almost prog on their sophomore, then utterly electro-poppy on 2008′s Perfect Symmetry, Keane have seemingly crafted their new LP using the variations of their breakthrough debut, Hopes and Fears, in mind. Yes, the same […]