The Changing Face of Marijuana in Medicine

Recreational use of cannabis has been culturally widespread for decades or even centuries, but recent developments in research into the actual benefits of medical marijuana Toronto have catapulted the seemingly innocuous plant into the mainstream. Dispensaries are opening across the globe, offering medical cannabinoids to help in the treatment of many diseases, from diabetes and cancer to PTSD and epilepsy. With such a broad range of applications, and increasingly diverse delivery methods, interest in medical cannabis has increased dramatically in recent years.

people at restaurant

Working With the Best Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

Restaurant equipment suppliers that can provide businesses with a wider range of options and choices, as well as appliances and devices that incorporate the latest technology and features, can be a key resource for both new and established businesses alike. The hectic pace of kitchen environments can place a great deal of strain on equipment and machines. Restaurant owners who choose to invest in higher quality restaurant equipment Toronto, appliances that offer superior performance or a wider range of features and those who are committed to doing business with the best suppliers will be able to enjoy a number of important benefits.

Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company: Family brewed

Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill offers more than your average pint The Beau’s Brewery was born out of a pipe dream shared between a father and a son – appropriately, over a couple of pints of beer. The two talked excitedly about it in a small outdoor tavern as if it were fantasy, but later […]

Huong’s Vietnamese Bistro: Pho sure

Excellent food and service allow Huong’s Vietnamese Bistro to overcome the hurdle of an obscure location Tables, paired with red vinyl chairs, are dotted with overturned white cups awaiting golden tea redolent of toasted rice. I wait no longer than a minute for a server to pour me tea. Appetizers arrive promptly too. The giant […]

Seoul House: Nice, nice, very nice

  Reasonably priced while wholly satisfying, here comes Seoul House! XPress readers say the best Korean grub is served at Seoul House on Bank Street. The award is proudly posted in the window next to their menu, which features a mix of Korean and Japanese dishes. But oddly enough, I prefer the Japanese to the […]

Thyme and Again: Quel je-ne-sais-quoi!

Time and time again: The smoked salmon sandwich Photo: Ben Welland Heart-warming food and a smile-inducing atmosphere are to be found at Thyme and Again Each time I dine at Thyme and Again I leave with the same glowing contentment I feel after watching the film Amélie. The cheerful, people-watching Amélie would like eating here […]