5 Tips On What To Do If Your Toilet Starts To Overflow

Even though it is a rare occurrence, it can still be an awful experience to see the water of your toilet filling up and spilling over the rim of the seat. It can be especially worse when that water is filled with urine and waste.

Even though you may want to start panicking, it is important to act quickly. Below are some tips on what you should do if your toilet is overflowing. If you need help, always call a professional plumber for advice and repairs.

1. Don’t Panic

You will need to act quickly to minimize the amount of water that flows out of your toilet. If you do not stop more water from entering the toilet bowl, more water will begin spilling out of your toilet.

2. Stop Water From Entering Tank

Your toilet has a floater ball in the back of the tank that tells your system when to stop filling up with water. The floating ball is what tells your toilet that it has enough water in the bowl.

If your toilet is filling with water and you need to stop it, lift the valve that has the floating piece attached to it. For further information, www.drainrescueplumbers.com has a lot of helpful resources on their website.

3. Turn Off Water Supply

Your next step will be to turn off the water supply. Most toilets have a water supply line behind them. Locate this and find the valve on the bottom of it. When you locate it, turn the valve until the water supply is shut off.

Hopefully, you got to this point before water spilled out of your toilet and onto the floor. If you didn’t, you may have a mess to clean up. Remember, if there were solids in your water, you will need to clean the mess with bleach to rid of any bacteria on your floor.

4. Find Reason For Clog

There are many reasons a toilet may clog and cause it to overflow. Too much toilet paper in the bowl during a single flush is often a culprit. You may also have a clog deeper in your piping that would need the help of a professional plumber to fix.

5. Unclog Using Plunger

If you have a simple clog in your toilet from toilet paper or waste, you should be able to easily unclog the mess using a regular plunger. To use the plunger, place it at the bottom of your toilet. Cover the hole with the entire round portion of the plunger and press down to get suction. Push up and down firmly until the clog is removed.

These are the steps to stop a simple clog from an overflowing toilet. If you have a tough clog that a plunger cannot remove, call a professional plumber for assistance.