3 Tips for Using Wine Boxes Around Your Home

When you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your home, try giving a new purpose to a familiar item. Don’t pick up any old crate to store your belongings. Try using a classy storage option in your home. Instead of tossing out the empty wooden wine boxes, you should try hanging one of those on the wall to be used as a shelf. There are plenty of unique ways to use these types of beautiful bins. Throwing them in the garbage is wasteful. When you are about to pay a lot of money for an antique bookcase, you should try saving that money for a rainy day, and take one of these tips to turn an old wine box into a unique conversation piece.

Tip #1: Sand and Paint Before Hanging

You are committed to drinking a glass of merlot every evening, so you may as well make some use out of the wooden wine boxes that have been stacking up in the garage. Before you hang the wine box up for display, you should take practical measures to make the box look more presentable. Take some coarse sand paper to the edges of any box that is going to be displayed. Try smoothing out any sharp edges to prevent splinters.

For an extra flare, try painting the wine boxes after they are smooth from the sandpaper. You should cover the box with a colorful paint if it’s going to be used in a child’s room. To add an antique charm to the box, try coating its smooth surfaces with a stain or lacquer paint. The www.ekanconcepts.com website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

Tip #2: Hang the Box on the Wall

Putting the box next to the wall might help with organization when you first move into your home. However, you should take time to secure the box to the wall to make your living space look complete. Use a drill to make holes for a few screws, and secure the box at the appropriate height along your wall to add a convenient bookshelf to any area of the house. Try to mount the box onto a stud to ensure it will remain fastened to the wall for years to come.

Tip #3: Use the Box for Storage

If you have too many wooden wine boxes in your home, you should try using these wonderful containers to store things under your bed, in the attic of your home, or in the garage. There’s no other beverage that arrives packaged in such a fine container. These wooden boxes hold up for years of storage, so you can toss your old shoeboxes in the garbage.