4 Key Considerations When Choosing a Real Estate CRM

Choosing the right real estate CRM requires thoughtful consideration because there are so many beneficial features. If you take time to examine your needs, you should be able to narrow done the features that are most important. Below are key considerations during that process.

1. Follow-up Automation

Follow-up automation might very well be the top feature that you’ll want in real estate CRM. It’s because follow-up is something that can make the difference between success or failure. Follow-up isn’t just about sending another email message or making another phone call. It’s about extending the relationship for the foreseeable future, even after the transaction has been completed. Follow-up can be part of your marketing strategy, which is why this is a feature that should be on your list. Given its importance, perhaps there are no CRM apps without it.

2. Lead Segmentation

If you’re like most real estate agents, you receive a lot of inquiries. You probably also deal with many listings. This is why you will probably want to choose a CRM that offers a lead segmentation feature. Although it sounds complex, it isn’t. This is basically a feature that enables you to categorize leads based on certain parameters, such as price and zip code, among others. It can make your life a lot easier when you’re able to narrow down your search with the desired level of precision.

3. Reminders

Regardless of a person’s industry, reminders are important. If you have a busy schedule, there’s so much that you need to remember in a given day. Automated reminders provide you with a list of things to do for a specified period of time. Perhaps the best part is it’s a digital list that can be highly functional. Whether it’s a daily task or a one-time event, you’ll want to make sure automated reminders is one of the features from which you can choose when looking for a CRM.

4. Touch-Point Tracking

There is no one way to engage with clients. In fact, there are so many ways that it’s a good idea to make sure your real estate CRM offers multiple touch-point tracking options. For instance, you should have a record of how you engaged with a client regardless of the method. This might be a phone call, email or meeting for document signing. You should have those details available through the CRM app.

There is much to consider when choosing a CRM. Hopefully these tips will get you thinking about what’s possible and what fits your needs. You should ask plenty of questions as you weigh the benefits of different features. The information and resources at IXACT Contact can provide you with additional insights.