Uses of Custom Mascot Costumes

Team or company custom mascot costumes are excellent for morale and help to get attention when it’s needed the most. Whether you intend to stir up publicity for a charity event, big game, promotion, or the awareness of your brand, a colorful, fun and friendly mascot will make a huge difference.

The best thing about custom mascots is the variety of choices you have when selecting one. Most companies and teams like going for an animal, but you are still allowed to choose an inanimate object or make up a character that will set you apart from anyone else.

If you want to invest in a custom mascot costume and you are not sure how you will use it, then you are at the right place. Listed below are examples of great ways you can put your mascot to good use, and you may probably come across other opportunities that can crop up unexpectedly.

Promoting an event

So, you have launched a new product and you would like to raise awareness? Mascots are fantastic for promoting a product to people, be it in the streets or during special events like business conventions or fairs. With one look, consumers will know what you are offering.

Charity events

In case your company is involved in charity, consider putting on a fundraising event and let your mascot shine. If not so, you could allow your mascot to take part in charity events or marathons. People will notice that your mascot is participating and know that your company or team cares about the cause. This automatically sends a positive message about your brand and people will never forget.

Meet and greets

During an informal or formal meet and greet event, the general public will attend. This is an ideal chance for you to showcase your mascot and raise the awareness of the brand.

School spirit

Mascots are great for schools too. They represent the school spirit at any event or games. Everyone will be expecting to see the mascot and have fun. Students will always look forward to sports days; the children will love it and their parents as well.

Company games

If your company has a football match or any other game, this is the perfect time to get the mascot out so that you can boost the morale of your team. This is even more important when you are competing with your business rivals.

Mascots clearly make all the difference, and you now have some ideas on how your custom mascot will represent your brand to the world. So which mascot will you choose? You may find it useful to visit Loonie Times for more information.