Recording Music for a Worldwide Audience

In the perpetual endeavor to make it big in the music business, one of the most overlooked aspects of promotion is recording an album. Although it might seem obvious to many seasoned musicians, hitting the recording studio is the most important step a fledgling band can take. In today’s age of file sharing and social media, nothing will put a group on the national stage faster than getting its music into the hands of the masses. The aim of this blog is to break down a few crucial steps bands should take in their quest for fame.

Choosing a Studio

Assuming your band has a great list of songs and is all set to record them, choosing a recording studio is the first step. There is an abundance of recording engineers in Canada, but not all of them are as experienced as they claim. Look out for those that seem to lack studio equipment. True professionals will have gear coming out of their ears, including a multitude of amplifiers, guitars, microphones and effects racks. The band should always hash out a payment agreement with the engineer ahead of time. Very few things will discourage an emerging group more than recording a full-length album and having to visit small claims court before it’s released.

The Recording Process

With a little luck and a solid group of musicians, laying down those initial tracks will be one of the most enjoyable and memorable things a band does together. Recording is your chance to take creativity to the next level. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and always try to keep positive vibes in the studio. It’s also important to take breaks when they’re needed, arrange for food delivery and keep morale high. Positivity goes a long way in the recording studio. Your audience will be able to hear the difference in the final product.

Marketing Your Product

After your album has been recorded, mixed and mastered, it’s time to get it out into the world. With even a rudimentary understanding of computers and social media, musicians can market albums to the public for very little money. Signing up for various social media websites, creating an email list and letting your audience know how to find those resources should be the first step. In fact, many bands take advantage of these free services before they have recorded material to upload. The group should make a real effort to create a good environment for sharing. Remember, you want to engage your fans on a regular basis and get them talking about your music and your upcoming shows.

There also are a variety of online services allowing the public to buy and listen to music. Bands usually can upload their recorded albums onto these platforms free of charge and make money via song and album sales. It’s important not to underestimate the value of these services. Your music can reach a worldwide audience with a few mouse clicks, and, if you’re influencing enough people through social media, your band can make a healthy profit.


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