Mother’s Day: 5 Cool Presents For Wine Loving Moms

Mother's Day Wooden Wine Box

Is your mother a true wine connoisseur? Wine culture has reached new heights recently, and now, more than ever, there is a plethora of unique and exquisite gifts for true vino enthusiasts. From wooden wine boxes to custom-made gift baskets, read on for some truly innovative gifts that your vintage-loving mother will surely enjoy.

1. Personalized and Custom Wood Boxes

Mom will be touched to see a one-of-a-kind wooden wine box laser-emblazoned with her name, a beautiful design, or a personalized message. Fill the custom wood boxes with your mother’s favorite vintage, along with a glass, bottle opener, and other assorted tools. Wooden wine boxes also make beautiful home decorations after the wine has been consumed.

2. Vintage Wine Crates

If your mother is a history buff, perhaps she will appreciate a pick of antique crates from some of the world’s best known vineyards filled with a sampling of today’s favorite flavors. Internet hubs such as Etsy and Ebay feature a wide array of old crates that are undoubtedly authentic, as well as some very convincing replicas.

3. Roll Out Wine Bins

Using roll-out crates, your mom can actually create her own wine cellar in her home! These racks ingeniously stack on top of one another in a manner that displays what appears to be the fronts of beautiful decorative cases. However, the roll-out drawers will provide Mom with easy access to her bottles since they simply glide in-and-out. These ornamental crates make a posh addition to an existing cellar or can be used to create a new collection from scratch.

4. A Country Fruit Basket

Forget the cliche cheese and cracker Mother’s Day gift baskets and instead opt for a fruity wine combo. Sweet, blush wines work best as a backdrop for a decorative basket filled with cranberries, pears, apples, and dried apricots. An even better idea is to pair particular wines with a fruit spread that mirrors its fruity undertones. For example, you can couple dried cherries with a cherry chutney.

5. A Red Wine and Chocolate Basket

Red wine and chocolate make a decadent pair and Mom surely will not be able to resist the guilty pleasures of these irresistible Mother’s Day gift baskets. Make sure that the wine that you include is a bit sweeter than the variety of chocolate you use. If the chocolate is too sweet, the wine may taste a bit too bitter. Pair your red wines and chocolate in accordance with their respective darkness for a match made in heaven. You can also include a tin of nuts, such as pistachios or hazelnuts, as a perfect accent.

It may be difficult to be original every Mother’s Day, but if your mother appreciates wine and wine culture, the options listed above are sure to make her day special.