Drones Being Used To Film Music Videos

OK GO - I Won't Let You Down

Being a creative type has its challenges and advantages. Many people who create music, whether in their spare time or for a career, often love to put their ideas and emotions into musical form to entertain and enlighten. There are many aspects that go into music production, but it is not the only part of the creative process. Many musicians choose to make more than just music. Music is often used in conjunction with other types of media and technology to create a cohesive experience. People are now using newer technology such as Canada drones to help them achieve their creative goals.

New Technology

Drones are a recent technological development that are used to survey or perform small actions guided by humans. Many buy these devices in order to have fun and fly them as a hobby. Others use them in more practical ways such as taking video, performing stunts and delivering or moving items. The flexibility of this technology has been a very big draw for people who love new devices and the ability to take care of tasks in different and unique ways.

Here’s a cool video off of CNN.com taking you behind the scenes of OK Go’s latest music video shot in Japan with a drone camera.

The Intersection of Technology and Music

When it comes to music, artists generally like to take advantage of video to create pieces which compliment the music well. New technology has allowed artists more freedom in the way they express themselves. Drones are a particularly good example of this because artists can film more freely, whereas in the past, bigger equipment was needed in order to get the perfect shot. Using these devices cuts down on filming costs as well as crew needed to be employed to handle the equipment. Just as with traditional film cameras, the footage can be imported directly to a computer to be edited. The navigation of the device is also a big draw. The technology allows for a precise location with which to guide the drone, making for a perfect shot every time.

Drones are a quick, easy and affordable way to capture high quality video. The flexibility of the technology and the advantages over traditional equipment are just a few of the reasons that many artists are turning to these devices. The biggest selling point is the comparable quality of footage that can be captured and the steadiness of the device. While some choose to use it for recreational purposes, being harnessed for artistic means has meant a new spring in creativity for those who are artistic.

If you are someone who is looking to get into creating music videos or has been using video as a way to enhance a musical experience but has tried traditional methods only to be disappointed, drones may be a great alternative. The huge amount for potential and the ease of use can help you to take your art to the next level!


Photo Credit: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6296760/ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-video-honda