The bird is the word


Photo: Ben Welland

Is it possible that one of the dorkiest hobbies of all time, birding, is now on the brink of becoming cool? Hollywood seems to think so. In the 2011 film The Big Year, they enlisted comedic heavy hitters Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin, along with quirky Parks and Rec cast member Rashida Jones, to portray the exact kind of birding dork that I myself have hid from the world for the better part of my life. This past Wednesday the film was screened at U of O to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. There were lots of bird dorks in attendance, but what I was most impressed by was the number of young bird dorks at the event. Birding is gonna blow up, folks. And this time of year is the perfect time to get into it. I photographed all 6 migratory birds seen above right here in Ontario over the past week! Pretty sick, eh?