Keane Strangeland

What’s bizarrely soothing here on Keane’s fourth LP, Strangeland, is that they seem to have gone full circle. If they sounded almost prog on their sophomore, then utterly electro-poppy on 2008′s Perfect Symmetry, Keane have seemingly crafted their new LP using the variations of their breakthrough debut, Hopes and Fears, in mind. Yes, the same uncanny, melodic keyboard sounds adored on Everybody’s Changing and This Is the Last Time reign supreme in the sonic palette of Strangeland. Looking back in order to see what’s ahead, perhaps? Not really –Strangeland just offers more of the same perfectly crafted, terribly well-executed adult pop. The only unfortunate moments occur when the band’s pomposity weighs down the album’s best tunes (Sovereign Light Café, Neon River).