Garbage Not Your Kind of People

After having released increasingly disappointing albums since 1999′s Version 2.0, the last being 2005′s rubbish Bleed Like Me, Garbage thankfully went on hiatus. This self-imposed break coincided with troubles at their former label, so while the storm was raging, Shirley Manson, Butch Vig and company were nowhere to be seen. So perhaps not unexpectedly, Not Your Kindis the sound of a reinvigorated band, enthusiastic about the idea of making music with long-time friends. At last! While it may come off as a wholly overproduced mess, this release includes their strongest collection of songs since, well, their sophomore. Automatic System Habit is every bit as urgent as, say, Special, while Manson’s voice – Garbage’s sturdiest attribute – shines on the James Bond-y ballads (Sugar, Beloved Freak). A more than welcome return to form.