4in1 Live in an Ottawa Park acoustic sessions: Unplugged in the park


Ottawa band Aardwolf during the first 4in1 instalment
Photo: Ming Wu

Ottawa’s parks host the inaugural season of Ming Wu’s 4in1 live sessions

The many members of Arcade Fire, all compressed in a tiny elevator, play their sorrowful Neon Bible as multi-instrumentalist Richard Perry sets the pace by sharply removing the pages of a magazine. This cult video, a segment of Vincent Moon’s Take-Away Show, has encouraged a new generation of filmmakers and music aficionados to rediscover the art of capturing impromptu performances and bringing them to the digital world. Thanks to blogger, photographer and socialite Ming Wu, our ever-delayed 613 has finally jumped on the bandwagon.

“Our first summer consists of six events, each of which should go down in a different Ottawa park on a Sunday afternoon. The formula remains intact: Four bands play acoustic sets in a single location,” Wu explains. The first edition, held on May 6, featured, among other outfits, the up-and-coming Heavy Bedroom. Ottawa XPress darlings Fevers will headline the second session, scheduled to take place on May 20.

Jes Ellacott and Liisa St-Aubin, some of the faces behind local production company The Indefinite Project, will be recording every event. Asked about the visual identity the archives would take, they said, “We’ve opted for long takes and minimal editing. We’ve had to keep things natural to match the context in which the sessions take place.”

An Algonquin College alumni and creator of the popular blog PhotogMusic.com, Wu intends to put his training in photography to good use. “I’ve been taking pictures of concerts for many years. The 4in1 live sessions allow me to keep doing it in some of the city’s nicest outdoor venues.”

4in1 Live in an Ottawa Park acoustic sessions
W/ Scary Bear Soundtrack, Avid Napper,
Jenna Tenn-Yuk, Ari Abrams and Fevers